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History of Program

The Harford County Electrical Contractors Association (HCECA) is an electrical trade association formed over 60 years ago, comprised of member contractors who saw the need for a well-trained and skilled workforce. With this vision, the HCECA Electrical Apprenticeship program was created in 1977. Since entering into a partnership with Harford Community College, HCECA has developed its electrical apprenticeship program into one of the largest in the state of Maryland and is highly regarded among employers for providing a high-quality education to its apprentices.

The HCECA Electrical Apprenticeship Program is a four-year electrical apprenticeship program approved and certified by the Maryland Apprenticeship and Training Council, Registry #919 and the United States Department of Labor.

Number of graduates to date:



graduates to date!

Edgewood Hall




The Harford County Electrical Apprenticeship program provides accessible and innovative training in understanding electrical codes, principles, fundamentals and theory pertaining to the installation and maintaining of electrical systems at the journeyperson level. 


Prepare and transform lives through a career choice and instill a desire for lifelong learning and individual development.


We adhere to integrity, honesty, fairness, respect, and trust as our foundation.

Our Team

Association Officers

Ronn Blaney – President
Bob Stuart – Vice President
Wayne Desch – Secretary

Board of Directors

Ronn Blaney
Wayne Desch
Steve Madison

Apprenticeship Committee

Ronn Blaney
Wayne Desch
Joe Fellner
Dennis Felts
Bob Stuart


Executive Director
JeanMarie Makres
[email protected]

Apprenticeship Coordinator
Peggy Howard
[email protected]

Administrative and Marketing Manager
Kim Slotnick
[email protected]

Administrative & Technology Assistant
Heather Buckland
[email protected]

Training Assistant
Shannon Malagar
[email protected]

Training Coordinator-2nd and 4th Year Apprentices
Jason Sieracki

Training Coordinator-1st and 3rd Year Apprentices
Steve Madison
[email protected]


HCECA’s instructors come from all different electrical industries, including electrical engineers, master electricians, electrical inspectors and utility technicians, along with industrial, commercial, and residential electrical contractors. The comprehensive curriculum is approved by the Maryland Department of Labor. 

Year 1

Greg Davis
Ryan Hogan
Charlie Huber
Eric Mahala
Henry Schwartzman

Year 2

Matt Cornelia
David James
Mike Leighty
Steve Madison
Jack Nerad


Year 3

Dan Johnson
Chris Molnar
Hugh Richardson
Chip Walcutt

Year 4

Joe Fellner
Brian Hall
Bruce Paul


If you would like to make a donation to the Harford County Electrical Contractors Association & Apprenticeship program, we would graciously accept! You may choose to support our program in various ways:

  • Scholarships
  • Books/supplies/technology for students
  • Lab improvements and additions
  • Other (we are open to ideas!)

Call our office at 443-412-2800 or email us at [email protected]

All gifts are tax-deductible!