School to Apprenticeship

Enter the HCECA Apprenticeship Program as a 2nd Year Apprentice

Harford Technical High SchoolThe Harford County Electrical Contractors Association (HCECA) and Harford Technical High School (HTHS) participate in a School to Apprenticeship (STA) pathway, allowing qualified students direct access into Registered Apprenticeship. 11th and 12th grade students in the Electrical technical area at Harford Technical High School (HTHS) may participate in the School to Apprenticeship option: 

  • through the Work Based Learning (WBL) Program, or
  • train for the Electrical apprenticeship only in their academic Electrical class at HTHS.

All School to Apprenticeship students will enter the HCECA apprenticeship program as 2nd year apprentices and will be registered as apprentices with the State of Maryland’s Apprenticeship and Training Program.

Students/apprentices must be in the process of, and continue in obtaining, their high school diploma. 

Students/apprentices will earn On-the-Job training (OJT) hours while employed with a participating HCECA employer for the duration of their senior school year, which may include the summers before and after senior year, by participating in work-based learning (WBL) program, or through lab participation hours. Students/apprentices without work experience or work-based learning (WBL) hours, however, will not be able to submit On-the-Job Training (OJT) hours. 

To be eligible, students must maintain an 80% or higher in their Electrical classes throughout their high school experience.  

HTHS-HCECA applicants for apprenticeship may be granted up to 1,000 hours of OJT credit through a combination of work experience and/or lab experience. All hours are subject to approval by the employer, HCECA, HTHS, HCPS, and possibly others, based on a number of factors including academic grades, and competencies. 

Please talk to your High School Electrical Class instructor about how to apply for this program, or contact the HCECA office, [email protected], 443-412-2800.